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Reusable Transparent Hot Water Bottle

Reusable Transparent Hot Water Bottle

Reusable Transparent Hot Water Bottle

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+ Ultra insulating

Made of high quality PVC, our model is the N°1 transparent hot-water bottle on the market. Thanks to a device designed to be as efficient as possible, our hot-water bottle will keep you warm all winter long, when you really need it.

+ Anti-leak

Tired of leaking hot-water bottles? Thanks to its non-deformable closure system, our hot water bottle contributes to your peace of mind by ensuring 100% waterproofness. 

+ The whole family loves it!

1) Children love hot water bottles because they provide gentle, comforting warmth. They soothe them at bedtime or when they have a stomach ache.

2) Our hot water bottle is good for ladies. It keeps them company, keeps them warm in the evening or at night. Our model relieves intestinal disorders and painful periods.

3) Men will prefer our hot water bottle for its portable side and to relieve sore muscles, cramps, arthritis or to keep their hands warm while tinkering.



1) Dimensions: 7.2" x 4.13"

2) Materials: PVC

3) Temperature: not more than 176 °F. 

Note :
Two-thirds of the capacity is suitable for filling. Squeeze the excess air out of the bag after filling it with water and screw on the lid.

To ensure safety, please turn the hot water bottle upside down and check for water leakage. The temperature should not exceed 80 degrees to avoid burns.


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